For the transport of bulk goods is Eurobarges the ideal choise to transport the goods efficiently via the inland waterways. With a spacious fleet of loading capacity and the flexibility of the graduated staff, whom are 24/7 available is Eurobarges your ideal partner for all your transportproblems.

Eurobarges has a capacity of 200.000 tons and transport safely with low rates. More transport via the waterways will result in less traffic on the highways, which means less trafic jams and lower costs. Companies who choose transport via water, choose for the future.



The transport with barges / inland vessel is extremely sustainable. With 5 liter fuel transport a inland vessel 1 ton of goods 500 km. A train transport 333 km, a truck 100 km and a air plane only 6,6 km. The Co2 emission of an inland vessel is only the half of a train and a quarter of a truck. Inland navigation is without a doubt the environmentally friendliest modality.